Invisalign aligners are an orthodontic treatment consisting of transparent sets of custom-made trays worn to correct malaligned teeth. They are neither visible nor permanently fixed, like metal braces. We advise To wear these trays for 20 to 22 hrs in a day and are usually changed in three to four weeks depending upon the cases. Any age group can be given Invisalign aligners.

General information for Invisalign:

Aligners are clear removable transparent plastic trays

Usually, the treatment plan is for 15 to 20 months

We advise to remove the aligners while eating, brushing and flossing

After the treatment, your teeth position/alignment will be shown to you as a 3d model on a computer before the procedure even starts

For maintenance, we recommend to clean the aligners with the brush and toothpaste

Never wash aligners with hot water