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Night Guard

A nightguard is an easily removable dental appliance fashioned out of solid plastic that fits over teeth. It is made like a tray and is extremely easy to put on and take off. It serves quite a few functions

  1. Protects teeth against surface loss: Longtime night grinders are often seen with excessive tooth surface loss due to the forceful grinding of teeth together during sleep.
  2. A night guard fits over an arch, creating distance between upper and lower teeth and protecting them from any further damage.

3. It helps reduce morning headaches and joint soreness: Night grinders often suffer from early morning headaches and joint tenderness on opening and closing.

It can help prevent this by positioning the jaws in the correct alignment and alleviating any stress that may be developing in the joint. 

4. It reduces muscle pains and tenderness: Clenchers and grinders often suffer from chronic muscle pains and spasms.

Not only does a night guard discourage this also eases the spasm and reduces the muscle pains.

5. It reduces teeth sensitivity and mobility: A sad combination often seen in long-term night grinders and clenchers.

Nightguards do an excellent job of protecting tooth integrity, fighting against soreness and pain, and helping them keep afloat in their sockets.