FG Cosmo Dental Clinic offers different Skin related treatments done by qualified doctors. A few of the most highly recommended Skin procedures with nearly no side effects, if done in a sterile environment, are as follows : –

Glutathione/Skin Whitening injections

Skin whitening injections, also known by the term Glutathione injections, help maintain the ideal skin texture that everyone wishes to have. They contain an active ingredient named glutathione, which is a naturally occurring substance in the human body that acts as:

1. an antioxidant that not only eliminates free radicals that promotes aging.

2. But also metabolizes many other kinds of substances

3. and controls the physiology of the body.

The treatment time takes about 20 minutes, or a little more, and a full-body whitening injection price in Pakistan is roughly around Rs.10,000 (the amount can be changed).

Vampire Facial/Microneedling 

Many people go around asking, “what is vampire facial?” or “what is micro-needling?” so here are the answers. Microneedling is entirely another skin treatment that is also practiced under vampire facial along with the PRP. 

The term PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, which includes:

1. the extraction of blood from the patient,

2. the separation of plasma from the blood, and 

3. the application of that plasma on their face.

This procedure not only aids skin rejuvenation, but this facial has several benefits, which are listed below:

1.Wrinkles and fine lines

2. Acne scars

3. Pigmentation

4. Blackheads and uneven skin texture

5. Uneven skin tone

6. Stretch marks 

Hydra facial

Hydrafacial is one of the numerous skin services this clinic has to offer.

Specialized doctors carry out this procedure.

One of the regularly asked questions regarding hydrafacial is,” how many days before an event, should you get a hydrafacial?” The doctors recommend them to book a treatment around three to seven days before their event if they want their skin to look the best.

The HydraFacial before and after results often leave people event-ready with significantly more radiant skin tone. 

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Hair PRP/ PRP therapy for hair loss

Hair PRP, which is commonly spelled out the other way around (PRP hair), is a term used for a procedure that boosts hair roots’ growth.

It is an ideal treatment for a person suffering from excessive hair loss.” how many PRP hair treatments are needed” or “What is the PRP hair treatment success rate?” are the kind of questions that the patients frequently ask before getting it done.

PRP therapy usually consists of three sessions in a 4–6 week period, with follow-up maintenance treatments every six months. Moreover, this procedure’s success rates are high, with as much as a 54.7% improvement in scalp coverage for tested patients.

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