Dental Services

FG Cosmo Dental Clinic has several dental services to offer, from the major to the minor ones.

Specialized doctors in an aseptic environment, carry out all the procedures.

The following are a couple of the highly recommended dental treatments they like to deal with:-

Children Dentistry

Do you have to make effort convincing your child to get dental treatment, but he/she does not listen to you?
Do you think they are afraid of dental procedures?


Is it that their previous bad experience with dentists torment them?

Whatever is the case, well, we have your back!

Dr. Gul Owais is a great dentist who loves children and deals with them in such a fun-filled atmosphere that their fears and insecurities leave them in no time.

Dental services for kids are in an amazing manner, because they get so friendly with doctors that they forget their pain.

Root Canal Treatment

Time heals everything, but it DOES NOT heal dental cavities. When dental cavities grows too deep into the pulp and causes infection, it has to be removed by a root canal treatment.

One of the common malpractice found is that the whole tooth is extracted when the patients complain about the pain, but this isn’t the right solution for it.

There is still a way to save that tooth, which is to clean the tooth of the infected pulp and save the surrounding hard and soft tissues.

FG Cosmodental provides best in class dental services with high-end technologies.