Ortho Retainers

Teeth straightening is a procedure in which the dentist treats the Malocclusion.

The teeth are not aligned properly in the Malocclusion.

Malocclusion creates unnecessary spaces between the teeth or overcrowding of teeth, making it very difficult for a person to clean all the teeth properly.

Improper cleaning causes food particles to get trapped in those areas, and with time plaque is formed, which leads to tooth decay and gum disease if not addressed on time.

Malocclusion, overcrowding, or protrusion of the teeth is aesthetically unpleasant, and many people go for orthodontic treatment to improve the aesthetics.

However, correcting the occlusion /malalignment is very important functionally.

Some other problems that may or may not be created by misaligned teeth are TMJ problems, difficulty in chewing, mouth breathing, and speech problems.

Right age to visit a dentist to consult for Ortho treatment?

For Ortho treatment, we advise a child’s consultation as early as seven years of age.

A dentist will assess and plan preventive measures to avoid or lessen the chances of ortho treatment in later years of life.

Children who don’t need assistance in bone growth may need braces at the age of 12 to 13 years by when mostly all permanent teeth have erupted.

Braces can be worn at any age for the correction of Malocclusion.