Dental crowns

Dental Crowns

Crown is a cover dentist puts on a tooth.

Crown can be placed on a tooth with a large lesion on which filling alone will not be sufficient, or on a root canal treated teeth to strengthen it or on an implant.

Crown restores tooth’s original form to function normally.

Dental bridge fills the gap created by missing teeth.

The part that fills the gap is called pontic, the adjacent teeth of the missing tooth are used as a support for the bridge and are called the abutments.

Usually, the material used for crowns and bridges is porcelain, which matches well with the present teeth in the mouth.

Crowns and bridges are cemented on the existing teeth (abutments) and are fixed, unlike removable dentures.

Requirement of Crown and bridges

On a root canal treated tooth

On Implants

On a primarily decayed tooth for which filling is not sufficient

To fill the gap created by missing/extracted teeth