Removable Dentures & Overdentures

Removable dentures are a replacement of one or more teeth. The material used is acrylic, teeth are pale whitish, original tooth-colored material fixed on a pink, mucosa-like acrylic tray to match the soft tissue.

If only a few teeth are required to be replaced, this is done by either an acrylic or a partial cast denture. A partial acrylic denture is made up of a pink-colored acrylic tray and needs to be removed daily at night before sleeping, whereas partial cast dentures consists of a metallic tray on which acrylic teeth are fixed. Cast partial dentures are more durable than acrylic partial dentures and need to be removed only once a week for a thorough cleaning. However, daily cleaning, especially after eating, is advised.

Complete removable dentures are the ones made when there are no teeth in the mouth. 

Overdentures, on the other hand, are fixed on implants and not required to be removed daily. They fit perfectly, giving the patient the advantage of proper chewing. If the patient’s jaw bone is healthy, we can place the implant and overdentures are the best option. They can be easily removed for cleaning whenever required. 

Unlike conventional dentures, overdentures preserve the jaw bone, cause very little irritation to the mucosa, and are long-lasting if the patient practices proper oral hygiene and denture maintenance.