Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth or the third molar is one of the last teeth to erupt in the oral cavity. With change in time, our diet preferences have changed, and we favor much softer diets than before, which has resulted in our mouths and faces to decrease in size. Often the wisdom tooth that erupts at the very last of the dental arch between 18-25 years of age is severely impacted or blocked, leading to constant irritation to the patient, not to mention the infections that follow. 

In the new day and age, wisdom teeth are very much like accessories with little real-life use. Ill erupted or partially erupted teeth, however, can cause a whole lot of the damage to the occlusion and recurrent pericoronal infections. To avoid problems, we often advise the extraction of wisdom teeth.

We can perform wisdom tooth extraction routinely without problem under anesthesia, as well as surgically, depending on the severity and impaction of the case. It is advised to be removed early on in your life to not harm your other teeth.

Things to be taken care of by the dentist

  • Early detection of caries development and avoiding it
  • Counseling on eating and drinking habits to prevent tooth decay
  • Guiding and controlling thumb sucking and pacifier habits
  • Assessing the need of assisted bone development for future Orthodontic treatment
  • Space management for delayed permanent teeth eruption
    Extraction of deciduous teeth in case of pain or need basis