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Restoration of Hair With Exosome Therapy in Karachi

Have you been facing hair fall issues for quite a while? When you brush your hair, do you notice hair strands hanging from your brush? Lifeless, dry split ends shatter your confidence because of hair’s dull appearance. 

Look no further; we exclusively bring you restoration of hair with Exosomes Therapy and all the pros it offers. 

What are Exosomes

Before you get a treatment, it’s highly important to know all about it. From its pros and cons to the mechanism of action, everything plays a major role. Side effects, if any, and most importantly, downtime. 

Exosomes are naturally occurring nanoparticles that deliver regenerative materials, such as DNA, lipids, and proteins, to target cells. 

Exosome rejuvenation power is an advanced treatment that uses internal natural processes to achieve outwardly noticeable aesthetic results!

What benefits do exosome therapy offer

Exosomes utilize internal healing mechanisms that entail 

1. Targeted nourishment and revitalizing the scalp

2. Restoring hair health and providing thicker, fuller hair 

3. Growth of new hair strands, treating hair loss

What can you expect in results

After undergoing the desired number of sessions, you can see a noticeable difference in your overall hair’s health and appearance, along with

1. Reduced hair shedding

2. Increase in hair thickness

3. Growth of hair follicles in areas of alopecia

4. Improvement in receding hairlines 

Who is an ideal patient

1. Male or female seeking minimally invasive hair restoration process

2. Those who prefer treatments with little to no downtime

3. Patients who recently started facing hair loss issues or hair thinning are ideal candidates

How do we do it

For optimal results, we combine our PRP registered through microneedling and injection with a vial of Exosomes. First, your blood is taken and centrifuged to separate the protein content found in your plasma. Microneedling is performed, and then exosomes are injected through a fine needle. 

What is the Aftercare for exosome therapy

1. Gently clean your scalp with sulfate-free shampoos. Avoid any harsh chemicals or products for at least a week

2. Refrain from scratching treated areas to avoid irritation 

3. Avoid intense physical activities for 72 hours

4. Don’t wash the treated area for at least 24 hours

5. Do Not use hair styling products for at least a week

6. Avoid smoking and alcohol as they might hinder hair growth 

7. Limit exposure to dust and direct sunlight 


What is the Downtime

With little to no downtime, everyday activities can be resumed right after treatment 

Are the results permanent

Therapy sessions are required for the maintenance of hair growth.

How long does the procedure take

It takes around 30-45 minutes, from the withdrawal of blood to centrifuge and Exosomes therapy. 

How many sessions are required

Exosome therapy can be done in one, three, or more sessions. The number of sessions varies with each patient, depending on the hairline, the efficacy of the results, the brand of stem cells being used, and what the doctors advise. 

Take from the discussion that exosome therapy is a rising treatment in the field of aesthetics and medicine. Losing hairline or got bald patches? Get a consultation now! Exosomes have shown proven results, with great efficacious restorable hairline. Moreover, it’s a safe, least invasive procedure with minimal to no side effects.

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