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Tips And Hacks for Good Oral Hygiene and Healthy Smile

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The mouth is the shelter home of all germs; many bacteria enter the mouth take their firm place in our teeth.

Therefore to defend our teeth from these bacteria, Oral Hygiene practices are recommended. 

What is Oral  Hygiene?

Oral hygiene or Dental hygiene is the practice that involves keeping the mouth clean and safeguard from germs.

What should we do?

Well, to be protected from bacteria, you need to practice the following tips in your daily routine to have a pleasant smile.

Don’t Ignore Visiting Dentists:

Firstly, make sure you have no pain in any of your teeth. If you do have pain, then immediately consult your dentist.

People say that dentists are the cruelest people on earth, which is not valid. Because without them, there will be quite many periodontal disease patients.

Ignoring the slightest pain in your teeth may lead you to the most painful thing ever.

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Brush your teeth before going to sleep:

Eating different kinds of food and drinking beverages all day can develop a thick layer of endoderm, the ectoderm, and the mesoderm.

So, it is extremely recommended to brush your teeth before going to bed. Not just on specific days, but this has to be practiced every day. 

Don’t Ignore Your Tongue:

Bacterias that are washed away from brushing sometimes stick onto the tongue and develop lingual papillae, Oral thrush (A kind of fungal infection), and sometimes even Coxsackie Virus (common in children).

So if we brush our teeth, it is necessary to scrap our tongue as well. If we don’t do so, the germs will stick onto the tongue and spread bacterias.

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Decrease the intake of Sugary And Acidic Beverages:

Sugary food and acidic beverages have always been an enemy to teeth. One of the familiar causes of tooth decay is sugary items and acidic drinks.

When we intake acidic beverages, it gets easily dissolve on your tooth enamel. 

Refined or processed sugar found in candies, potato chips, and soda is definitely to be avoided.

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Drink plenty of Water:

Water has so many benefits that if we keep counting them, we might even forget the number.

When it comes to teeth, water is considered the best fluid for the mouth because of the following reasons:

  1. Water keeps your mouth clean and prevents bacteria from spreading
  2. Makes your teeth strong
  3. Confronts dry mouth

Change your Toothbrush after every 3 months:

Your toothbrush is the very first safeguard against germs that develop in your teeth. 

Keeping your toothbrush clean from bacteria is a major practice in Oral Hygiene.

After every 3 to 4 months, changing toothbrushes can decrease the chances of cavities, advised by the CDC.


If you want to smile brightly and speak confidently in public, it’s your responsibility to take care of your Oral Hygiene. 

No dentist can help you clean your teeth unless you want that too.

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