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Invisalign – The Future Of Orthodontics

Have you ever wondered why your teeth are crooked? Have you ever looked at a perfectly perfect smile and wished yours was just as good? Invisalign is here for this job!

Well, our ancestors probably had the same thoughts over 200 years ago. 

Skull models from the 1800s show that orthodontically supported tooth movement was a popular trend amongst the wealthy of the era. 

While the term ‘braces‘ was not invented until the mid-1900s, tooth movement and limited bone remodeling were practiced even before then. 

The appliances, however, were neither appealing nor presumably comfortable.

Things are changing greatly in this modern era. The need for straight teeth and a perfect Hollywood smile is now more than ever. 

Although the fixed-edgewise appliance does the job quite well in itself, there is an ever-increasing need for more aesthetic solutions. 

It is pretty simple. Not everyone likes a metal bracket on their front teeth.

This brings us to the discussion of aligner therapy and its sway over teeth movement. 

In this article, we will discuss the leading brand in clear aligners: Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a clear aligner therapy brand, one of the oldest and most fashionable in the industry. It is a type of orthodontic treatment.

what is invisalign

It can be used to achieve a gorgeous smile while maintaining the teeth’ initial integrity to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Invisalign comes in clear trays that can be worn over the arch.

They are famed for their virtual invisibility compared to conventional braces with metal brackets on the front tooth surface.

How Invisalign works?

Invisalign is one of the more contemporary tooth rearrangement methods.

Which works with a clear tray, inciting little tooth movements and rearranging the occlusion to a much more comfortable bite.

It works in three simple steps:

1. iTero digital scanner captures a very accurate 3D scan of your teeth and replicates it on a computer program.

The program can then make a unique custom treatment plan solely for you.

2. The program makes special clear trays based on your tooth scans that fit nicely on your arch.

Your doctor will make sure that the tray is well fit and set a schedule for when you should come in to pick up your next tray.

With these trays and an uninterrupted schedule 24/7, you can start transforming your smile from the first-ever tray you use!

3. Once your teeth are perfectly aligned, you can retain your gorgeous new smile, thanks to Invisalign’s very own Vivera retainers.

These are not only custom-made, but studies also show that they are much stronger than other retainers.

How long does the treatment last?

Since any orthodontic procedure involves bone remodeling for tooth rearrangement, very rapid results are not expected.

Depending on the complexity of the patient’s case, age, and bone density, this time can be as little as 6 months or several years.

Whatever the case, Invisalign is easier to use than the regular orthodontic treatment and can give satisfactory results.

Aligners for teens:

Teenage is a rather important time frame that should be utilized if any orthodontic intervention is required and, thus, planned. 

The bone is more flexible and less dense—a magic combination for bone remodeling, which is essential for teeth alignment.

The earlier the treatment is sought for teens, the better.

Invisalign uses the latest SmartTrack Material family, a polymer composed of multiple layers.

It can deliver a gentle and constant force such that there is better control of tooth movements.

Hence the aligners are comfortable to use and easier to put on and off.

Is Invisalign for me?

If you have slight derangement of teeth, rotated or slightly tilted teeth, Invisalign is an excellent option.

Is invisalign for me

Bear in mind that no matter how long you use the aligners.

If you are not using them correctly or for the right amount of hours (22 hours or more, as prescribed by your dentist), you may not see the results as rapidly as you wish to.

That being said, Invisalign is a fail-safe way to correct minor alignment issues in your maxilla and mandible when done right.

Invisalign cost in Karachi:

Invisalign is widely available throughout Pakistan. In Karachi, multiple dental practices and hospitals offer it as orthodontic treatment.

The cost of Invisalign treatment varies from clinic to clinic; however, it mainly ranges from PKR 150,000 to 350,000 in most regions of this metropolitan city.

Is Invisalign the future of modern orthodontics?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that works best on people with little malocclusion, if any.

Extreme cases of overbite or crossbites, rotations or transpositions, or any skeletal insufficiencies, of course, cannot be fixed by aligners of any kind.

Since they require a larger amount of forces for a longer time.

While many people consider clear aligners and hence, Invisalign the modern potential of orthodontics.

It is no secret that as esthetic as this solution is, it has multiple limitations.

It cannot work on severe malocclusions and allows only a little movement of teeth into the arch.

To expect anything more out of these would be a mistake.

If you do wish to go for a much more intensive treatment, conventional orthodontia is definitely the treatment of choice for you.

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