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Best Skin Clinic in Gulistan-e-Jauhar

The skin clinic is a need of every individual, especially nowadays. 

The continuous change in environmental health may result in different problems that can cause severe damage to your skin.

Skin issues are common in girls, and in boys too. Sudden acne breakouts or sun patches, or any other such skin issues should be consulted immediately with your dermatologists.

With the evolving era of technologies, the treatment for the skin-related complications is only one step away, and that is aesthetical solutions.

FG Cosmodental has successfully launched its first branch in Gulistan e Jauhar, Karachi, where all cosmetical treatments are available.

There is no such skin problem from acne scars to Botox that cannot be treated with our remarkable technologies.

Well maintained environment with highly equipped technologies makes our customers satisfied more than ever.

Not only this, but our highly experienced doctors with certified medical awards have been working in this profession for more than 15 years.

We treat our patients in a highly contaminated environment and follow strict rules of SOPs provided by the Government of Pakistan.

Our highly trained doctors at FG Cosmodental clinic treats you so nicely that one can never forget their affection. 

Because we value our clients and always want them to be pleased with our services.

Services We Offer:

FG Cosmodental offers a variety of aesthetic services that no other clinic is offering in Gulistan e Jauhar.

These services are recommended to avail after consulting doctors since they are well experienced to judge your skin type and may refer to the best suitable treatment for you. 

Services offered are the following:


Dr. Gul Owais:

Dr. Gul is a well-known dentist and an aesthetician having experience over 15 years. 

She has performed many Cosmodental surgeries and has received different certificates on skin treatment.


Having satisfied clients have always been a pleasure for us, especially those who appreciate us by their kind words.

The overwhelming response of clients motivates our staff and make them feel proud of being a part of the FG Cosmodental clinic.

Why Choose FG Cosmodental Clinic?

Choosing FG Cosmodental as your aesthetical treatment is never going to disappoint you. 

Because our brand new technologies are so much effective that they bring perfect results in no time. 

We make sure to comfort our clients with our very best services.


FG has been gaining many citizens’ attraction, especially those living in Gulistan e Jauhar.

We provide a comfort zone for our clients to have their services in a highly contaminated environment.

The best aesthetic clinic FG is the perfect choice to get yourself treated and develop highly effective results.

We maintain strict rules of SOPs with a neat and clean environment.

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